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ive got the flu and i have loads of homework to do and i am strugging with this one
for my art homework i have got 4 pictures of paintings. 1/Michaelangelo, creation of Adam, 2/ Botticelli, Birth of Venus , 3/ Mona Lisa , 4/ George and the Dragon.
I need to tell a short story about each painting about what i think is happening in the painting.
Every time i write it it sounds like i am describing the painting rather than a story. I just don`t know how to start the story. it only needs to be a few lines and not like an adventure story . any ideas would be really helpful thanks so much.

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    You can get some ideas about the background and interpretations of each painting by Googling the following subjects together:
    painting interpretation "(painting title)"
    Doing this with "Mona Lisa" as the title, I got this and many other articles:
    (Broken Link Removed)

    Be careful to avoid plagiarism!

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    Great site from DrWLS. Be sure to scroll down and read the section called The Smile. It should give you some ideas for writing a story about this painting.

    To write a story, you need to follow the basics of a plot outline, no matter how short or long the story is. Here are the basics:
    Read and follow the ideas in Freytag's Analysis here.

    Let us know what you come up with if you'd like feedback from the tutors here.

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    A good story to write would be "why"...
    Why is St. George fighting that dragon?

    Why is Mona Lisa smiling?

    Why was Venus born?

    This will give you room for your imagination, plus doing a little research about the topic... and I think, it would be fun.

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    P.S. Just to add to GuruBlue's suggestion. Anytime you want to write a story, don't forget the interrogative words: who, what, why, when, how, etc.


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    thanks for your help but im sorry im still stuck i don`t understand how to start the story off. ive got to write about what i think is happening in the paintings ive looked on the sites everyone has been kind enough to find .
    its the mona lisa and the michaelangelo im struggling with. im sorry to be a pain .

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    Start for Mona Lisa:
    "Yesterday, my friend Leonardo asked me to come over for some wine and cheese ... "

    Start for Creation of Adam:
    "I saw the most amazing vision in my dream last night. I had been reading Genesis 1 and 2, and ... "

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    I've got loads of art homework and there is one bit i'm struggling with i have to use a digital camera take a picture of a household object then distort the image using a graphics package on a computar in four different ways and im finding it hard to understand.

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