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Surface ocean currents located at 40 degrees south latitude and 90 degrees west latitude generally flow toward the

(1) northeast
(2) southeast
(3) southwest
(4) west

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    is the answer northeast

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    I would say Northest because you are at the northern edge of the eastward flowing
    Southern ocean current that flows around the Antarctic continent from west to east and the cold water flows up the coast of South America's western coast as well as continuing around the earth below Tierra del Fuego at the tip of South America (the dreaded Cape Horn where the wind and current are against you beating from Boston to San Francisco between South America and the Antarctic in the cold)

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    ok then.

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    Don't go there, even in the summer which is now. Gales, waves, terrible.

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    ok..i wasn't even planning to go there

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    Northeast for sure.

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    What is the answer of 40 degrees south and 160 degrees west?

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    Northeast :)

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