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Who is most likely to be a part of this socioeconomic class?
How do teacher expectations positively or negatively impact this socioeconomic class?
How does tracking positively or negatively impact this socioeconomic class?
How is financial support for schools serving this class different from or similar to from the other socioeconomic classes?
How well does the curriculum reflect this socioeconomic class’s experience? Explain your answer.
What changes need to be made to the curriculum for this socioeconomic class to receive an equal educational opportunity?

Having trouble finding this information.

  1. troyer0269

    THe choices are Unemployed and Homeless Working Class Middle Class Upper Middle Class Upper Class

  2. GuruBlue

    Troyer, you have not said what socioeconomic class you are asking about. Again, have you read your book? Have you done any research on this?

  3. troyer0269

    I have read my chapter and still cant find all the info I need. I did on another post.

  4. troyer0269

    Unemployed and Homeless, working class, middle class, upper middle class, and Upper class.

  5. GuruBlue

    Who is most likely to be a part of this socioeconomic class?

    In this question, to which of those classes are you referring?

  6. troyer0269

    all the questions for that one I said all except the 1st on.

  7. troyer0269

    I ave read my chapter and tried searching on the internet. I still need help please

  8. Ms. Sue

    Which socioeconomic class are you considering? The homeless? The unemployed?

    Anyone can be part of this class -- especially if job loss, divorce, alcholism, or health care expenses have seriously hit a person.

    Teachers tend to be sympathetic toward the poorest students, but they don't really know how to help them. Some respond well to high expectations, while others turn off to them.

    I'm sure you can answer the rest of these questions.

  9. SraJMcGin

    Try to remember that when you post something, it is read as if that were the only post on that topic. We do not go back and try to find out what else you have said or asked on the subject. Always try to be as clear as possible.


  10. troyer0269

    I have to answer all the questions for each of these groups.

  11. Ms. Sue

    You've said that you can't find all the information you need. I'm sure you've found most of it.

    If you post two or three specific questions about this assignment, we'll be glad to help you.

  12. troyer0269

    I havent found any... But I am going to ask co workers for help even though the assignmnet was due tonight

  13. Moran

    Do your own homework. Loser.

  14. Lady Gaga

    The lower classes are usually the ones that are discriminated against. The homeless tend to get a bad rap while in schools. These classes are the ones who need the most help with their children’s education but don’t get it. There needs to be some drastic changes made to our children’s education. There should be no price put on a Childs education. It should not matter how much money the parents make in their daily jobs. It does because the upper middle class and the upper class are the ones that contribute to the schools to keep them running. The money that is lacking in the schools budget is usually coming from them. It is sad that each state does not have enough money to keep the equality in the schools. There is so much talk about keeping every thing fair for the students but it is a known fact that has been around for generations. There are so many stereotypes about the homeless children in the schools. The lunch and meal programs are in a way a form of stereotyping the kids in the school. This is because this actually says that the parents do not make enough money to feed their children. There is a major stereotype that is associated with children who are on the state food programs. It should be mandatory that all parents have to at least fill it out I do not want this for my children. There are some parents who actually do qualify for the program but choose to not put their children on it because of this. The upper class do not put their children in public school because they do not want their children to inter mingle with the lower class children. To them it is a status symbol to have their children in private school. It does not matter how much money it costs for them children to live this life style. It is sad this has to happen and the education tends to be a little better for their children as well. They are usually catered to like it was royalty.

    Paws Up!

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