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Which reading learning strategies is it when the task says: Read the text and complete each text with the words above each text
Is it a learning strategie:using linguistic or other clues or placing new words into context or something else?

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    There may be another name for it, but I used to call these "cloze" exercises:

    Main Entry: cloze
    Pronunciation: 'klOz
    Function: adjective
    Etymology: by shortening & alteration from closure
    Date: 1953
    : of, relating to, or being a test of reading comprehension that involves having the person being tested supply words which have been systematically deleted from a text


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    thank you.Need also one example of a task which involves reading strategie:
    1.using linguistic or other clues
    2.placing new words into context

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    If you don't know the meaning of the word "sanguiine," could you guess it from the use of the word in the sentence below? That's context.

    She is quite sanguine about her future with her degree in computer arts and science, especially in light of what is happening in companies such as Pixar.

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    Sorry -- typo!! It should be "sanguine" without the extra "i" in there!

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