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LQuestion I have to answer:

What are the author's reasons for writing this book? How do you know his reasons? Give examples from the novel.

I don't really understand that, can someone please clarify.

Thank you,

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    You can often discern the author's reasons for writing a book by reading it carefully to understand what s/he wants the reader to know and believe.

    For instance, it seems obvious that Charles Dickens wrote "A Christmas Carol" to show that generosity and love prevail over greed and miserliness. Yet, I've heard that he wrote it because he was broke and wanted to make money.

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    You can also look at the author's biography. Often you will find something there that relates to the book.

    You can also check book reviewd, book analyses; those will sometimes say what the author's reason was.

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    the authors reason is somewhat like the moral or the silverlining. you can often find this in the middle of the book or when u find its climax and falling actions.

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