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Could I get some help Please!!!!!!!!!
(1) Find the LCD

(2) Find the LCM
14z^7 and 98z^8

(3) Find LCM

  • Algebra -

    factor each of your denominators.
    the LCD should contain all the factors that are in any denominator..
    for (1)
    since your first denominator does not factor, your LCD is (3v^2-3v-7)(3v-3)

    are you sure you typed it correctly, I would have expected the first part to factor

    for (2)
    14z^7 = 14z^7
    98z^8 = (14z^7)(7z)
    so 98z^8 is the LCD

    for (3)
    y^3+6y^2+9y = y(y+3)^2
    y^2-6y = y(y-6)

    so LCD = y(y-6)(y+3^2

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