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Okay, heres the question:

Choose one of the main characters and pretend you are introducing him/her to a friend for the first time. What are the things your friend should know about htis person? What makes him/her interesting? What makes him/her unique? What is he/she motivated by?

Please clarify the first part in that question. Like what is the perspective I'm supposed to use when introducing? Am introducing the character by writing to my friend or having both my friend and the character beside me and introducing them like in real life?

thank you for your help.

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    Obviously, if you are introducing this character to a friend, you have known this character and believe the he/she and the friend would have something in common. Yes, you would be introducing them as if it were in "real life". In doing the introduction, you would point out that they share a common interest or hobby or opinion. You would stress this commonality.

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    How would I write this out tho?
    An example would please if possible.

    thank you.

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    Joe, I want you to meet Julius Caesar. You're both interested in travel and running your own shows.

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