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Physics - Fluids

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A cylindrical diving bell 3.0 m in diameter and 4 m tall with an open top of 25 degrees celsius, and the air temp 220 down is 5 degrees celsius. The density of seawater is 1025 kg/m^3. How high does the sea water rise in the bell when the bell is submerged?

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    solve for the new volume of air in the bell..


    Then the height will be (V1-V2)/V1 *4m

    Temps have to be in Kelvins.

    To get pressure, consider a column 1 m^2.

    The weight of that column is 1m^2*height*density*g
    so pressure at the 220m down is
    P2=101.3kpa+220*densityseawater*g Pa and
    P2=101.3kPa+.220*density*9.8 in kPa

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