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Okay i have this art class that i love
but im always having trouble making myself love my drawing
and everyone says their always amazing
so how do i get myself to love my mom art again?

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    I suggest you discuss this with your art teacher. Are you doing the art you love?

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    Symphany, you don't have to love every piece of art you do. You can "love" the process of doing the art. Then when you finish something that is "special" and really says what you want it to say, then you will "love" it. There is something about "art" that makes you want to "say more" every time. But you won't always achieve what you want to say.... so you go back and try again. My son is an artist, and this is what he has always, told me when I was grinching about something not coming out the way I want it to. <G>

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