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If I take a 1 liter water bottle filled with water, what will most likely happen to the water and why?
A.The water will get warmer
B.The water will get cooler
C.The water will stay the same
D.None of the above
I've tried this and I think it's A;if so why? Thanks

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    MC -- you've missed something in your problem. What is the temperature of the water when you fill the bottle? What happens if you put it in the refrigerator? Or leave it on the counter? Or leave in the sunlight on a 90-degree day?

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    Personally, I don't think this is a very good question. Most likely the water will evaporate if given enough time. It won't get warmer unless the room is warmer (but T of the room isn't provided), it won't get cooler for the same reason, it won't stay the same (but exactly what does the question mean by stay the same--that is stay the same T, stay the same volume, stay the same color, stay the same what???). Sinc there is a none of the bove I would pick that.

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    Tap water is usually the temp of underground. So the question is to me, what is the temperature of the environment of the bottled water?

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    I'm sorry, I know this isn't the best question because it doesn't even make much sense. Thanks for trying though. Nevermind-

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    T of water=not freezing but cold
    Will the T stay the same after shaking the bottle?

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    No, it warms with shaking.

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    Thanks. That's all I really needed to know

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