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If you take the information-processing view of cognitive development, you would say that
A. typing on a computer keyboard is the equivalent of short-term memory.
B. thinking and data processing are similar, but not actually related.
C. storing information to a hard drive is the equivalent of long-term memory.
D. placing information in RAM memory is like sensory memory.

i believe the C is the correct

As an advocate of sociocultural theory, you would be most interested in the
A.interplay of genetic inheritance and environment.
B.impact of being African American on your learning abilities.
C. role of the unconscious in learning
D. role of consciousness in child development.

i believe the A is the correct.

Sally can tie her shoes but only with her mother's help. This fact suggests that tying shoes is
A.actually beyond Sally's capability
B.within Sally's zone of proximal development innate process that only needs nutruring to unfold.
D.too difficult for Sally's age and should be attempted later.

i'm not sure..i think the A

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    I agree with all of your answers. :-)

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    for the third question(sally can tie her shoes....) might the correct answer is B(within sally's zone of proximal development)?

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    I checked out proximal development -- and as I reread the information, I believe you're right -- that B may be the right answer.

    Tying her shoes independently is beyond her capabilities, while it also seems to be in her zone of proximal development.

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