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Regarding the use of anesthetics during childbirth, which of the following statements is true?
A. they are rarely used these days
B. the epidural procedure is most often favored.
C. anesthetics is current use can't cross the placenta barrier to affect the fetus.
D a pudendal block numbs the genital area.

i believe the right answer is A.

Regarding babies who are low in birth weight but born at full term, which of the following statements is true?

A. expect to find lanugo
B. expect to detect vernix
C. expect to find that the mother's parents were smokers.
D. expect the child to be referred to as ''small for dates''

i believe the true answer is D.

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    These are interesting question for psychology, but none the less, I will attempt to answer the questions...

    The first question regarding anesthetics during childbirth:
    There are several anesthetics that can be used during childbirth, including IV pain medications, pudendal block which just blocks the perineal area (or genital area), all the way to general anesthesia. I believe that epidurals are the most favored of all (upwards to 80-90% of vaginal deliveries). Although I don't know the rates of epidurals versus spinal blocks or general anesthesia needed for C sections. Most anesthetics do cross the placental border although at different amounts. With all this in mind, A and C are definitely not true. D is definitely true. B sounds right to me.

    As far as the second question:
    Lanugo is the fine hair that is found on newborn babies at birth (especially if premature). Vernix is the cheesy coating found on newborn babies to protect their skin from the watery fluid they stay in while in the uterus. Both of these decrease as the infant comes to term, so they may be present at very little amounts in a full term newborn. Not all small infants have smoking parents, but smoking is a significant cause of fetal growth retardation. These infants are considered "small for gestational age" or "small for dates". So, the best answer to this question is D.

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    Thanks, Doctor Sarah. WE have a nasty word filter, so to make it clear, the blanked out word is vag in al.

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