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Was King Tut killed?
My teacher said he was, but the my S.S. teacher said he killed himself. I'm confused!

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    The short answer is that we don't know.

    There's also the theory that he died of natural causes.

    You might want to research this yourself by Googling King Tut death.

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    I had already done so. And hardly anything helped me.

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    We simply do not know how or why King Tut died. His mummy is not in very good shape after about 3300 years. Evidence points several directions, but nothing conclusive can be certain. He may have died of a severely infected broken leg, but that's not sure either.

    Berry, this is one of those cases that we have to accept that no one knows how he died.

    Have you seen these sites?

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    I've seen the the nationalgeographic one. Yes, I know that no one knows. It's just that i came to this site to find out that he didn't kill himself. My teacher got into an argument with my S.S. teacher. They were practically yelling. Thank you for your help.

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    I'm Berry, Owen is with me. And we are both doing this sour thing for science. And thanks for your help with King Tut.

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