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J drove from bright town to Happy town at a speed of 64km/h. Two hours later H stated driving from Happy town to Bright town at a speed of 96km/h. When J reached Happy towm H was still 32km/h away from bright town. What was the distance from the towns?

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    Let D be the distance between towns.
    J reaches Happytown D/64 hours after starting. At that time, H has travelled for D/64 - 2 hours, and covered a distance 96*[(D/64)-2] km

    Here is what you know:

    96*[(D/64) -2] + 32 = D

    3D/2 + 32 -192 = D
    D/2 = 160

    D = 320 km

    J drove for 320/64 = 5 hours
    H had driven for 3 hours when J arrived, covering 288 km, leaving 32 to go.

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