8th grade math problem

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buck said "gee whiz, there must be between 10 and 20 animals in the yard!"
"yes" said chuck. "there is one more cat than there are dogs, and there is one more squirrelthan there are cats." What are the greatest possible number of dogs in the yard?? explain.

  • 8th grade math problem -

    There would be 5 dogs 6 cats and 7 squirrels. Add them together there is 18. And if you go any higher then there would be 21. So the greatest amount of dogs would be 5.

  • 8th grade math problem -

    omg thank you soo much!!!

  • 8th grade math problem -

    No problem. Just here to help. Lol

  • 8th grade math problem -

    x + y = 5
    3x - y = 7

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