7th grade math

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I need help solving the equation


  • 7th grade math -

    start off with the parenthesis in the middle of the problem and work outwards. first do 4 + 9 then subtract the two then multiply by 5 first and then add three last divide by two

    parenthesis always go first then exponents
    mult and div
    add and subt

    i think you should get like 29 or something.... idk i did mental math quickly

  • spanish -

    i don't know what the teachers be sayin

  • 7th grade math -

    try using


    as the order for doing things in the equation

  • 7th grade math -

    remember PEMDAS???


  • 7th grade math -


  • 7th grade math -

    you should really use this website for good and not for stupid notes like the one from zrdc xshktnpl

  • 7th grade math -

    -35 divided by 5 minus 8 times 3 open parenthesis 5 plus 2 times 7 what is the answer by following the pemdas

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