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If someone says that Pilgrims didn't do much for us, what should we say to them?
A. Tuxedos were invented because of those black and white outfits the Pilgrims wore.
B.That Mayflower Compact they made was the first constitution ever written in North America, and it was similar to the later United States Constitution in many ways.
C. Half of them died the first winter and the rest still stayed. How often do you find idealism like that
How do you sum up the basic problem that confronted the Puritans who wanted to migrate to America? Was it money problems, was it fear of Mohawk revolt, or they would be Separatists instead of Puritans, and that bothered them?

Thank you.

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    When you have answered these the best you can, please re-post, and someone here will be happy to give you suggestions and let you know where you need to make corrections.

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    Well I didn't just copy and paste those even if it might look like it. And I only asked 2 questions.

    Anyway for the first one I am currently thinking that it is probably A or C? Tuxedo's aren't a necessity, yet they are a nice contribution, and the bravery that C shows means we should respect the Pilgrims. So I can't decide.

    On the second question I'm thinking it was probably fear of Mohawk revolt?

    Please give me your opinion on this. Thanks.

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    I can find no mention of a Mowhawk Revolt in the early 1600s. Against whom did they revolt?

    Check out this site.

    (Broken Link Removed)

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    The first answer must be B because this first constitution laid the groundwork for the U.S. Constitution.

    What problems are discussed in your assigned readings? We'll be glad to discuss them with you after you've posted your answer.

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    Ok the first one is B? The reason I was confused on it was because that all 3 of them could work. I just didn't know which one was best I guess.

    And with the other question, I'm still not sure but I think it was fear of Mohawk Revolt?

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    As Ms. Sue said, no history of a Mohawk revolt then. Did you read the article Ms. Sue linked for you?

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    Ok I know now that the answer is If they left England, they would be Separatists instead of Puritans, and that bothered them.

    thank you

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