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You lose your electronic tag that you use to pay tolls on the highway in your city.It costs you 24$ to replace the tag. The cost of one toll when you odn't use the tag is 3$.The cost of the same toll when you do use the tag is 1.50$ how many times will you have to use the tag to pay for the tolls in order for the total cost to be the same as not using the tag?

thank you so much.
This was to hard for me
im only in 6 grade

  • math -

    After paying for tag replacement ($24), you save $1.50 each time you use it. 24/1.5 = 16 is the number of times it takes to recover all of your investment.
    Check: 16 uses costs you $48 at $3 each (with no card) and $24 + 16*1.5 = $48 (with card)

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