8th grade tech

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I need to find out what a Information Colour chart is.

I've checked on internet but I can't find.

Could anyone help me I need 3-5 facts about it to.

Thank you.

  • 8th grade tech -

    Try typing in color chart in google instead of color chart...? If I find a link I'll post it.-MC

  • 8th grade tech -

    A color chart on what particular topic?

  • 8th grade tech -

    I don't know but, It's Computer Tech, So I'm guessing Computers?

  • 8th grade tech -

    Maybe this is what you need.


  • 8th grade tech -

    Thank you so much guys, Ms. Sue, I'm g oing to take it in he stuff I've copied from that site, I'll tell you tomorrow if its right.


  • 8th grade tech -

    You're welcome, Lee. I look forward to see if it's right.

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