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can someone please help me with these two essay questions about the book the scarlet letter

A. discuss how this novel is a story of isolation vs community by creating a thesis that what hawthorne is saying about this relationship.

B. discuss how this is a novel about the inadequacy of human relationships by creating a thesis that states what hawthorne is saying about this subject

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    Here is a GOOGLE Search on that novel where you should get ideas. After you DO your work, we will be glad to HELP. Just tell us how.



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    i am not really sure what the questions are asking.

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    The first question is asking about the conflict in the story between the "person" Hester and the "community" Puritan New England. It wants you to write a thesis statement (as if you were going to write an essay) saying what Hawthorne's point is on this issue.

    The second question wants you to write a thesis saying what Hawthorne thinks about the problems the characters have in the book relating to one another.

    This site will help you with these ideas.


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    A. Who is isolated, separate and apart from the community?

    B. Which relationship does not work out?

    In your thesis statement, what do you wish to proove?


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    P.S. Here is assistance in how to create a thesis statement:



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