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i need help factoring
I haven't had factorin sense Algebra one and now am in Algebra two and our school is screwed up were they shove in a year of Euclidean Geometry and Basic Trig inbetween first two years of Algebra...

so i need to factor

I can sit there for a long time and probably figure it out after a while. I forgot the thought process that's suppose to go thorugh my head to factor this instead of just thinking and checking.

So can someone please tell me the answer and what the throught process used to get there instead of just thinking and checking


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    This is a quadratic, so we'll try to factor it into (x+a)(x+b).
    The constant term is positive, so we know that a and b have the same sign. The x term is negative, so we know a and b are both negative. We need to find two negative numbers, a and b, such that a*b = 35 and a+b = -12. You should be able to do that yourself; there aren't that many possibilities to try.

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    subtract. Simplify if possible

    z-7/z - 9z-11/11z =?

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