anatomy and physiology

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this is for a musculoskeletal crossword puzzle and if you can help me with any of the answers i would be soo grateful.
boat-like cavities
_ _ _ _ _ _ _
builds up during oxygen deficiency
_ _ _ _ _ _a_ _ _
unit of contraction
_ _ _ _ _ _e_ _
insufficient release of pituitary growth hormone
d_ _ _ _ _ _ _
changes shape during contraction
t_ _ _ _ _ _ _
bone functions in the production of ___ ___.
_ _ _ _ _ _ _l_ _
carries oxygen from lungs to body cells
h_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
remain in balance with osteoclasts
g_ _e_ _i_ _ _s
contain blood vessels to nourish bone
_a_ _ _s_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _s
l_ _e_ _a_
inability to contract
_ _t_ _ _ _
blocks binding sites
_ _o_ _ _y_ _ _ _

  • anatomy and physiology -

    builds up during oxygen deficiency-lactic acid.

    hemoglobin carries oxygen from lungs to body

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