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What different kinds of room arrangements, organizing procedures, monitoring techniques, and strategies for anticipating and handling problems do you need for the learning center?

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    Please check your assigned materials to find information that you can adapt to primary classroom learning centers. Your teacher will expect you to have mastered the information presented for your class.

    You might also find useful information in the dozens of articles in this site.

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    The Learning Center I chose to do is the Computer Center... I need to answer these questions now about that learning center

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    Since you're planning to be a teacher or a paraprofessional teacher, you must be able to answer these questions yourself.

    We'll be glad to critique and comment on your plans for this learning center.

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    On thing on a computer center...the kids need to see the screen projection of your computer, and you need to see all the kids monitors. It makes it difficult to see kids faces.

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