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this is the way i am starting my intro. What else can I add to it.

Best Practices Manual for Supervisors
This manual will have everything you will need to help tell someone about the different responsibilities a supervisor has in his or her job description.


    Is that it? Or did your introduction not post?

    Remember, introductions need to "grab" the audience, briefly explain what the work is about, and finish with a thesis statement.


    it didn't post the 1st time but i got it to post i think now
    help please


    I'm sorry, but I accidentally deleted the sentence that you posted.

    You'll need to list the major items that you're covering in the manual. Please add to that sentence so that your introduction is at least 4 sentences long. Then post it, and we'll be glad to critique it.


    The supervisor’s primary objective should be to avoid making mistakes in employment decisions that can lead to EEO [Equal Employment Opportunity] complaints why

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