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can you check this for me and help me with puting in the accents I got a new mac and am having difficuties with this

Me mejor memoria fue la noche vieja de dos mil seis en Nueva York. Mas temprano, esa moche mis amigos y yo fuimos en China Town en Queens. Nosotros cenamos en un restauraunte chino y me gusto mucho la comida alli. Despues, nosotros tomamos un helado. Luego, anduvimos en el metro. Supimos que mi amiga Dotti, que es una mujer mayor, ella sania la letra de la cancion "Smack That." Tambien, era mi primera vez en el metro en Nueva York. Nosotros vimos la pelota en Times Square caerse. Nosotros llegamos alli justo antes ellos empezaron a contar. Muchas personas estaban alli para celebrar el Ano Nuevo. Este dia fue tan memorable por que yo tuve muchas experiencias nuevas.

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    Well, I see you are up late too! I'll print this out so I can read it more easily and be right back!


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    OK. Please be more careful with the spelling, especially the accents. I've said it before: "you absolutely must learn how to do the accent marks on the computer." You DO have the charts, right? Usually I refuse to read anything without the accent marks!

    First word "Me" has to be "Mi."
    Christmas Eve = la Nochebuena
    Mas = Más
    esa moche = esa noche
    fuimos en = fuimos a China Town (OR "we were in" = estábamos en...)

    restauraunt = restaurante
    me gusto = MUST have accent mark = me gustó
    alli = alí
    Despues = Después (see how much time I'm wasting adding accents?)

    anduvimos en el metro = we walked IN? Please remember, also, that when you don't provide the English of what you are trying to say, I can't always guess.

    una mujer mayor, ella = drop ella
    sania = no such word and I can't guess
    cancion = canción
    Tambien = También
    el metro de Nueva York = is better than "en" N.Y.

    The "ball" that drops is better as "esfera" = Actually is "ball" the best word in English? I've never seen it.

    alli = allí
    justo = not good; try "poco antes de que ellos empezaron....."

    alli = allí el Ano = el Año Nuevo
    Este dia = Este día....por que = porque


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    Aha! How lucky you are with new MAC. It's so easy to make accent marks with the MAC. After you practice a few times, it will be a "snap!"

    For Macs, in most cases, first hold down the "Option" key on the keyboard and then strike a regular character key as indicated below. Nothing will appear on your screen at this point. Release both keys, and then type the letter which should carry the diacritical. For some special characters press "Option" and one key together. See the following table to get the character that you want.

    To find characters others than those listed above, choose Key Caps from the Apple menu for a diagram of your particular keyboard. Vary the font that is displayed by selecting other fonts from the new menu "Key Caps" which will have appeared at the right of your menu bar. The Apple Language Kits offer additional foreign language fonts and Zapf Dingbats consist of nothing but special characters.

    acute á, é, í Option + e, the letter
    grave è, à, ù Option + `, the letter
    tilde ñ Ñ Option + n, the letter
    circumflex ê Ê Option + i, the letter
    umlaut ä Ä Option + u, the letter "a" or Option + u, Shift and the letter for capital "A"
    umlaut ö Ö Option + u, the letter"o" or Option + u, Shift and the letter for capital "O"
    umlaut ü Ü Option + u, the letter "u" or Shift and the letter "U"
    cedilla ç Ç Option + c or C
    reverse question mark ¿ Option + ?
    esszett ß Option + s
    reverse examation mark ¡ Option + 1
    pound £ Option + 3
    paragraph § Option + 6
    degree º Option + 0 (zero)
    copyright © Option plus g


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