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Brand “A”: 6 ounce can for $1.20

Brand “B”: 7 ounce can for $1.47

Brand “C”: 8 ounce can for $1.52

Which is the better buy, and what is the unit, rate, and final price for each brand?

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    You need to figure out the cost per ounce for each brand. Divide the cost by the number of ounces.


    Brand A:
    $1.20 / 6 = $0.20 per ounce

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    Am thinking brand a but am still stuck

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    What is the price per ounce for Brands B and C?

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    I just got it B.21 C.19 SO C IS GOING TO BE THE BETTER BUY RIGHT

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    I did not mean to shout.

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    Yes. You're right. C is the best buy.

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    I am getting better thank you glad that you are out there to help.

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    You're very welcome. I'm glad you're feeling better about this assignment.

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