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Students should follow the steps in Finding, Evaluating, and Utilizing Information to complete a general search for reliable sources: (1) What is the purpose and affiliation of the organization or author related to the article? (2) What are the author’s credentials? (3) Is the information current? (4) When was the information last updated? (5) Does the information cross-reference well with other sources? (6) Does the source contain bias without evidence to back up the claims? (7) Was the academic article peer reviewed?

Student responses must focus on completing Appendix D by using APA guidelines to document five to eight sources (three from the University Library), by determining whether or not each source is credible, and then by explaining what information the student hopes to glean from the sources.

Note: Examples of APA documentation for a variety of resources are available at the Center for Writing Excellence at

  • com 220 -

    Your instructions are very clear so you should have no problem with this assignment.

    Once you have written it up, please repost if you'd like someone here to comment on your ideas.

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