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I need help.. i need to make 4 sentences.. With...

(Miro) (Miramos)
El, la, al, a la

I don't care how u make them i just need help..

  • spanish -

    First of all, you need to know what the vocabulary is and which part of speech each word is.
    verb = miro (I look at), miramos (we look at)
    el empleado = the employee
    el video = the video
    la carpeta = portfolio (other meanings depending upon the country, context, etc.)
    la profesora = the teacher

    al = means to...a masculine noun
    a la = means to...a feminine noun.

    You have 2 masculine nouns and 2 feminine nouns.

    Now, try 4 sentences and we will be glad to proofread them (or HELP) if we are still online.


    What is a sentence? A verb + noun.

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