central america & the caribbean

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word bank : belize,costa rica ,coffee, cuba,honduras,lead,mestizos,multicultural,oil,panama canal,puerto rico,rice,sugar cane, slavery,canal

2.___was introduced in the caribbean after indians died from european diseases.

3.central america is an ___between north and south america

12.Chief export of central america =

14. major crop of cuba (two words) =

15. island commonwealth under the control of the united states government =

16.the ___ ___ was built by the united states

17.central america and islands of the caribbean are rich in ___ traditions:indians,seven different languages,and european nations colonized region.

18. __ __ is the richest centarl american nation

21.a money crop for central american nations =

22. valuable resource found off the coast of trinidad.

23 central american country,formally british honduras

24. mineral found in central america

thank you.
im so sorry for alot of the questions
i truely did not have enough time

but thank you for helping me

  • central america & the caribbean -

    We don't do homework here. However if you post your answers, we'll be glad to check them and help you.

    By the way ISTHMUS is one of the answers, but it's not in your word bank.

  • central america & the caribbean -

    aight then thanx

  • central america & the caribbean -

    my son is in Belize right now, he has been there over 23 days.

  • central america & the caribbean -

    It's the difference between HELP and DO. You DO your work first and then we HELP!


  • central america & the caribbean -

    yea ok kool,

  • central america & the caribbean -

    its called do it yourself

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