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State the domain and the range of each function.
22.) f(x)=e^x +3

23.) g(x)=1n(x-1)

  • Algebra -

    in 22 is it e^(x+3) or (e^x) + 3 ?

    either case the domain would be the real numbers, since we can use any x we feel like
    as far as the range goes:
    for e^(x+3) it would be any real > 0
    for (e^x) + 3 any real > 3

    check your typing for 23, don't know what it means

  • Algebra -

    actually the +3 is separte so it is
    f(x)= e^x +3

    and the second problem is g(x)= In(x-1)

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