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why student refrain from absences in this new generation??

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    raine or yen or whoever,

    Read the other post and read many of the articles in those search results.

    If students are absent from classes (elementary, middle, or high school, college, whatever), they miss instruction and practice in the new skills they learn. There is no really good way to re-create the teaching and learning that goes on in a classroom each day.

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    i don't know what ur talkin' about. but tankz for your comment.

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    Do I understand the question is 'why students today are less likely to be absent from class?'

    If this is the question you will need some data to back this up. I suspect that the number of absences changes over the age groups.
    There is quite a lot of data on absences from UK schools published on the internet. I don't know about the US. This might give you a start, and give you some idea of reasons perhaps.


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