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What are all the ways humans use rivers? I am writing a report on the relationship between water and organisms and I am now talking about the ways we humans use river. So far I have as a source of transportation, recreation (for boating, fishing, and canoeing), and as a source of power. Are there any other ways we use rivers other then what I have thought of?

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    How about fishing? Rivers can also be a barrier between groups of people. Ancient Egyptians farmers used the rich soil deposited when the Nile flooded each year. Some cultures use water plants that grow in or near rivers. Think of the papyrus plants in ancient Egypt, for example.

    I've seen people in developing countries use rivers for bathing, washing clothes, and "going to the bathroom." Many of them also use the river water for drinking.

    Check these sites to see how modern Indians use the Ganges River.

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    Thank You

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    You're welcome.

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