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Q1. What will be formed when propanone reacted with sodium hydrogensulphite?
There is white precipitate is the resulting solution . Is it sodium carbonate?

Q2. What are the difference in the products bewteen the reaction of ethanal and propanone reacting with 2,4-dinitrophenylhydrazine?
The resulting solution are both yellow and orange precipitate is formed . It seems that there are some different in the shape of precipitate.

Q3. What is the polymer formed when ethanal reacted with sodium hydroxide solution?

Q4. What will be formed when ethanal reacted with acidified dichromate(VI) ?
Why is the resulting solution green ?

Q5. What will be formed when propanone reacted with Fehling's solution?The resulting solution is yellow and green precipitate is formed . Is that precipitate copper carbonate?

Q6.What are the difference in products between the reaction of ethanal and propanone reacting with iodine solution and sodium hydroxide solution ?The resulting solution of ethanal one is orange while the other is very pale yellow or nearly colorless.Both of them give yellow precipitate . Are the precipitates the same?

Q7. Which reagent should i use to test for carbonyl compound?

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    1. The product is an addition compound in which the =O becomes OH and the central carbon atom is linked to the sulfite group. No special IUPAC name as far as I know.
    2. The products are the 2,4-dinitrophenylhydrazone of propanone or 2,4-dinitrophenylhydrazone of ethanal. The important difference between the tqo compounds is the melting point of each.
    3. No polymer of ethanal is formed under the conditions you described.
    4. Ethanal can be oxidized to acetic acid by chromic acid. Green Cr^3+(aq) ions are also produced.
    5. Ketones do not react with Fehling's solution, except for alpha hydroxy ketones.
    6. Look up the Iodoform Reaction for methyl ketones.
    7. Go back to your 2nd question. That should give you some ideas.

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    thanks a lot !!!

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