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Indentify each sentence below with Simple, compound, complex, or compound-complex.

Could you pleas tell me if these are correct?

1.After they defeated Germany in World War II, the Allies divided Germany and its capital city, Berlin, into four sectors: a British sector, a French sector, an American sector, and a Russian sector. Compound

2.The British, French, and American sectors became the Federal Republic of Germany. Simple

3.The Russian sector became the German Democratic Republic, or East Germany, and Berlin was in that sector. Compound – complex

4.The East Germans tried to make Berlin their capital, but ultimately they could only have East Berlin because the Americans, French, and British controlled West Berlin. Compound

5.East Germans who tired to cross the border to West Germany were prevented from doing so by East German border guards, mines, and barbed wire. Simple

6.Many East Germans escaped to the West by taking the subway from East Berlin to West Berlin; from West Berlin the could reach other western cities. Compound

7.Because so many people escaped, East Germany did not have enough workers, and the East German government erected a wall between East Berlin and West Berlin. Compound-complex

8.In 1989, the Berlin Wall finally came down; the two Germany were united the following year. Compound.

Thank you so much!!

  • Grammar -

    1. incorrect; the word "after" followed by a clause makes a dependent clause; what do you think?

    2. correct

    3. incorrect; there is no dependent clause in this sentence.

    4. incorrect; three clauses are in this sentence -- two independent and one dependent (beginning with "because"); what do you think?

    5. correct

    6. correct

    7. correct

    8. correct

  • Grammar -


    1. Compound-complex

    3. compound

    4. compound complex?

  • Grammar -

    1. Complex -- no compound about it!

    3. Yes, compound.

    4. c-c, yes!!


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