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I am confused on my homework which is to name the function and the form in the sentence, the part in parenthesis. Do I have these right or wrong?

1)Biking is also a good reason for (visiting Oregon).
Form-gerund phrase
Function-direct object

2)I think that being (a doctor) would be exciting.
Form-noun phrase
Function-a subject

3)(To get into a good medical school) is not easy.
Form-infinitive phrase

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    #1 gerund is correct, the usage is incorrect.

    2. noun clause not phrase, and it is not the subject.

    #3 is correct.

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    Is this correct?

    1. Function-subject complement
    2. Function-appositive

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    1. No. Its function is as object of the preposition "for."

    2. Are you sure only "a doctor" was the intended segment of the sentence you must analyze?

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    2. Yes, (a doctor) is the only part in parenthesis.

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