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what are the classroom items in spanish

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    Here is an excellent English/Spanish dictionary. I do not know what classroom items you need, but they will be here. Just put the English word into the search.

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    Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. Actually, I'm surprised your textbook doesn't have a vocabulary list for you. Without seeing the vocabulary you want, it will be easy to miss something! Just come back with the vocabulary you'd like that isn't here:

    atlas átlas
    ballpoint pen bolígrafo
    blackboard pizarra
    large blackboard pizarrón
    blackboard eraser borrador
    book libro
    bookcase estante
    chalk tiza
    compass compás
    date book diario
    desk (classroom) pupitre
    desk (office) escritorio
    dictionary diccionario
    encyclopedia enciclopedia
    eraser (pencil) goma
    eyeglasses gafas
    film projector proyector
    ink tinta
    magazine revista
    map mapa (m.)
    notebook cuaderno
    paper papel
    pen pluma
    pencil lápiz (m)
    record player tocadiscos
    ruler regla
    school bag mochila
    slide projector proyector de
    tack tachuela
    tape recorder grabadora
    textbook libro de texto
    wall map mapa mural (m)


    NOTE: about gender (el, la, los, las), all the words above ending in -a (except el mapa) are feminine = la

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