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Well, I'm doing a project that I picked in science and one of the questions said "What are the physical features of Niagara Falls" and I don't know what that means, so please help me!!!

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    Physical features are natural features. For the falls, there's the river, the dropoff, the water.

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    So you mean the characteristics of Niagara Falls???

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    I live about 1 hour from the Falls, and the main physical features is a lot of water going over the edge.

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    How high are the falls? How much water goes over at different times of the year?

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    Another important charcteristic is "How wide are the falls?"

    Part of the falls are on the "American side" only, as I recall. The rest has Canada on one side and the USA on the other.

    For more info see:

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    Here are some winter scenes of the falls I took last year

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    this is a better page

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    Great album, Reiny. Thanks for sharing. Is that you with the Stanley Cup?

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    Niagara Falls is big. Im doing the same project... well kinda. GOOGLE IS USELESS!

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