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systems analysis design

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Task: Draw an ERD that shows cardinality relationships among the entities.
When you create your ERD, you'll need to consider the training courses, trainers, corporate clients, students, test results, class schedules, and probably a few more. You'll find it easier if you follow these steps:
1. Identify all the entities. Review your DFDs and verify that we know the people, places, things, or events for which data is collected and maintained.
2. Determine all significant events or activities for two or more entities. You'll need to analyze the business operations and identify the entities and the nature of the relationship between them.
3. Analyze the nature of the interaction. Does the interaction involve one instance of the entity or many? Is the pattern always the same or does it depend on some factor?
4. Prepare the ERD diagram using Microsoft Visio. Study the diagram carefully to ensure that all entities and relationships are shown accurately. Use cardinality notation and include the correct symbols to indicate the nature of each relationship.

Phase IV – System Design

Task: Database Design and Input/output Design

1. Review the ERD created in Phase III of the project. Refine the ERD by creating a new entity for each many-to-many relationship.
2. For each entity, Jesse wants to see table designs in 3NF. Use standard notation format (schema) to show the primary key and the other fields in each table.
3. Create tables using Microsoft Access by following the design of step 2 and enforce the relationships among entities.
4. Use sample data to populate fields for at least three records in each table.
Ok i did phase 2. Now i don't have a clue how to do the above task. Can anybody help me get started or recomend what to do?

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    Sorry, no "cut and paste" here = only typing it all out.


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