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The Wyndsor Glass Co produces high quality windows and glass doors. It has three plants.
– Plant 1 makes aluminum frames
– Plant 2 makes wood frames
– Plant 3 makes glass and assembles the products
The company wants to introduce 2 new products: 8 ft glass door with aluminum framing (product 1) and 4 ft x 6ft double-hung wood framed window (product 2). The company can sell as many of these products as it can produce, but the production rate is limited by the available capacity in each plant. How much of each product should the company produce to maximize profit? Given the following information:

Capacity Used per Unit Production Rate
Production Time (hrs.) Capacity
Plant Product 1 Product 2 Available/wk (hrs.)
1 1 0 4
2 0 2 12
3 3 2 18
Unit Profit $30 $50

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