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Jamila left home on her bike at 11:00 AM traveling at 12 km/h. At noon, her sister Tamantha set out after her following the same route. If Tamantha's motorcycle traveled 28km/h, what time did Tamantha overtake Jamila?

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    Jamila went 12t km, (remember D=R*T)
    Tamantha went 28(t-1) , she went 1 hour less than Jamila

    But when she overtakes her sister, they went the same distance, so

    28(t-1_ = 12t
    28t - 12t = 28
    t = 1.75 which is 1 hour and 45 minutes

    so Tamantha caught up with her sister 12:45 pm

  • Math: distance,rate,time -

    Thank you!

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