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Experiment - Recrystallization of a solid


in this experiment acetanilide will be recrystallized from water, which serves as the solvent..

Pre-Lab Questions....

Explain the purpose of the following in this experiment.

a) using hot filtration

b) not cooling (chilling) the hot filtered solution immediately

c) washing the crystals in the final step with ice cold water

d) using gravity filtratoin ( not vacuum filration) in the hot filtration step

e) using a stemless funnel in the hot filration step

in the experiment we have to determine the MP ( literature value 114 C ) ... and percent mass recovery of acetanilide in the orginal mixture ..

ANY clue how to approach to dese problems.. or is dere any kind of formula .. ot steps ..



  • Chemistry Help ???? -

    I answered this for someone last night. Judging from the writing, I think I answered it for you. I have tried to find the original, which I think was posted under SCIENCE but I can't find it. Is there some specific question you have about any of my answers?

  • Chemistry Help ???? -

    actually i copied the same question from there.. thts why u pretend that i am the same girl .. anywyz i couldn't get the answers from there .. thts i y .. i am asking u ... plz can u explain in detali if possible .. thnks do reply if u need any information ..

    love u

  • Chemistry Help ???? -

    If you can't get the answer from there it must mean that you don't understand all or portions of what I wrote for the answer. Thus it will do little good for me to simply repeat what I wrote (which I had started to do but stopped). Therefore, please explain what you don't understand and I shall try to rephrase my reply.

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