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I also need help with these two math word problem...

1) In a recent year, Wisconsin growers produced 281.72 million pounds of the 572 million pounds of cranberries grown in the United States. What percent of the total cranberry crop was produced in Wisconsin? Round to the nearestpercent.

2) To receive a license to sell insurance, an insurance account executive must answer correctly 70% of the 250 questions on a test. Nicholas Mosley answered 177 questions correctly. Did he pass the test?

Can you please show the steps to these two problems on how you got the answer for both?

  • Another math help... -

    281.72 / 572 = ?

    How do you think you can solve # 2?

    We'll be glad to check your answer.

  • Another math help... -

    Would'nt it be 70% of 250 is?

    I really don't know what else to do after that for question #2

  • Another math help... -


    0.7 * 250 = ?

    Is that enough to pass?

  • My other answer... -

    I still don't understand the answer because down at the bottom of the ending question it says that Nicholas Mosley answered 177 questions correctly.

  • Having some trouble... -

    I'm having some trouble answering the word problem for question #2 because the ending part confuses me in doing the steps at the begining of the word problem.

  • Having some trouble... -

    I'm going to start a new thread to answer your question. Please look for this subject: Lisa: Math # 2.

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    Percent is just the part of the whole an that times 100. In this case the part is 281.72 million pounds and the whole is 572 million pounds. Therefore,
    % cranberries in WI = (281.72/572)*100 = ??. You will need to round to the nearest 1 percent.

    Just another percent problem Perform the operation I described above and see if you can gt the right answer. We'll be glad to check it for you.

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    I got 49.2%

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    That's correct, except you yeed to round to the nearest percent: 49%

  • Another math help... -

    My calculator gave me 49.2517 which would round to your 49.2%. However, the problem tells you to round to the nearest percent; therefore, the correct answer, rounded to the nearest 1% is 49%.

  • Another math help... -

    Mr.faruque had ten and five tenths pound of sugar while running out the grocery store in the rain he lost five and six hundredths of pound on the ground the ground how much sugar does mr. Faruque have left

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