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I have been taking a distance learning course the past year. It is a correspondence course through a regionally accredited college. I need this course for my degree. I am going to take my final in two days at the college that is acting as my proctor. I understand and know the material. The problem is I am not remembering it. This is an economics course so there is a lot to remember. The situation is if I fail the final I will fail the course even though my grades have been very good. I am under a time deadline to take the final. Any guidance you can offer to prepare for this test would greatly be appreciated.

  1. Writeacher

    One of the best study tools is one of the oldest -- flashcards.

    Make them out of your class notes or from your texts. Flashcards are especially useful for vocabulary, but can be used for just about anything.

    After writing them up, go through them by yourself. Put the ones you can answer correctly in one stack and the ones you cannot answer correctly in the second stack. Keep this up until all the cards are in the first stack.

    Go through them again, with another person holding up the cards. Again, use the two stacks to help you get through them and learn what you need to learn.

    Repetition is going to be the key to your remembering the terminology and processes.

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