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can you give little information about antartic ozone hole

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    This easily researched and summarized with a search engine. You should do this yourself. You seen to be adept at the use of computers for research purposes.

    Yes, there is an Antarctic ozone hole, but there is now evidence that it is getting less severe since the implementation of measures to reduce CFC release into the atmosphere. It will take another 50 to 100 years to get back to "normal", because it takes a long time for the CFCs already released near the ground to diffuse to the upper stratoshere, where the ozone layer is located.

    The pioneers of this subject, professor Rowland and and his graduate student Molina of UCal Irvine, received the Nobel Prize for predicting the severity of the ozone depletion problem, before it was confirmed.

    There are meterological reasons why the ozone hole problem is worse at the South pole, even though most CFCs were released in the northern hemisphere. They have to do with the stronger prevailing winds at southern latitudes, and the fewer land masses there. The more rapid turbulent atmospheric mixing allows the CFCs to get to the stratoshpere more quickly at southern latitiudes

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