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Urgent Chemistry!!

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I have done everything to solve this problem and I can't get the right answer (153.8J/degrees C).

Ammonium nitrate, a component of fertilizer, decomposes: NH4NO3(s) > N2O(g) + 2H2) (g)

the delta H=-36.0kJ/mol.

7.65g of ammonium nitrate was allowed to decompose in a bomb calorimeter containing 415g of water. The heat produced resulted in a temperature increase of 1.82 degrees C. What is the heat capacity of the calorimeter, in J/K? The specific heat capacity of water=4.184 J/K/g


  • Urgent Chemistry!! -

    q(NH4NO3) + q(H2O) + q(cal) = 0
    Solve for C.

  • Urgent Chemistry!! -

    I still don't get 153.8 and I am unsure as to where the 1.92 came from?

  • Urgent Chemistry!! -

    The 1.92 is my typo. It should be 1.82 from the problem. It doesn't give 153.8 but it's close. I think that's the way to do the problem.

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