7th grade

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There are at least 5 more than twice as many students taking algebra 1 than taking algebra 2. If there are 44 students taking algebra 2, what is the least number of students who could be taking algebra 1. Show all work

  1. Writeacher

    You need to try to do some of the work yourself and show your work. Then someone here may be able to help you.

  2. lee

    I received the answer of 93 and it was incorrect, that is why i am asking for help

  3. Take it or Leave it

    What i would say is work backwards. So if there are 44 students in Algebra 2, and it states that there are twice as many in Alg.1 then 2. So, then there are twice that amount in Algebra 1. It also states that there are at least 5 more than that, so you add another 5 students. I would say your answer should be.. 93 students in Algebra 1 at the least.

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