algebra! help!

posted by Katy

In 1994 school lunch was $1.20. In 1999 it increased to $2.25. FInd the rate of change for school lunch from 1994-1999

  1. Gaby

    Divide 6 into 2.25. The rate went up about .375 cents a year.

  2. Celina

    By what you said in the problem, I think you are trying to find a percent. In this case, you could set up an eqaution. Do you know cross multiplication. Well, just in case you don't, I'll show you.

    x/100 = 1.20/2.25

    Then what you would do is multiply 1.20 by 100, then divide by 2.25.
    And there's your answer!

    Hope I helped!

  3. Katy

    ok thank you so much!!!

  4. Celina

    You're welcome. I'm glad I could help!

  5. Ms. Sue

    Another way to solve this problem:

    2.25 - 1.20 = 1.05

    1.05 / 1.2 = 0.875 = 87.5%

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