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Is hydrogen a greek/latin word

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    Try the following:

    If that doesn't work, a good dictionary will give you the etymology.


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    It originates from the Greek word hudur (water) and the suffix -gen (producer of).
    Whoops! SraMcGin's link gives that and many more elements that originate from Greek.

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    I need help in understanding the suffixes. For example: -ate -ide -ite. I also need help with the prefixes. For example: per- di- hypo-.

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    You need to know the name of acids. Salts are named for the acid from which the salt is derived. We'll do that first.
    HCl hydrogen chloride
    HClO hypochlorous acid
    HClO2 chlorous acid
    HClO3 chloric acid
    HClO4 perchloric acid.
    For the salts of those acids, the binary is -ide
    ic changes to ate.
    ous changes to ite.
    For example, NaClO is sodium hypochlorite.
    NaClO3 is sodium chlorate.
    NaClO4 is sodium perchlorate.
    NaClO2 is sodium chlorite.
    NaCl is sodium chloride.

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