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All of the following are true regarding billingualism EXCEPT:
-Individuals who learn a second language during childhood are more likely to speak it with the appropriate accent.
- Those who are billingual usually demonstrate a less efficient performance on memory tasks in terms of response time.
- Individuals who try to learn a second language in adulthood are neither able to fully comprehend nor accurately speak the language.
- The more an individual knows about his/her first language, the easier it will be to learn a second language
- Individuals who learn a second language in adulthood do not appear to have as high metalinguistic skills as they would if they learned the second language in early childhood.

I believe the correct one is the third answer I'm about 70% confident with it or my other guess would be the last answer!

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    Your 30% guess is the right one.

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    I would tend to choose the second alternative as being false, but it would depend on the type of memory task being presented. If it is rote, there should be no loss of efficiency in terms of response time.

    I hope this helps a little more. Thanks for asking.

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