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How would one cheak if the water they are drinking is clean?

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    There are at least two kinds of clean when it comes to drinking water. Water must be save from bacteria/waste contamination AND it must be clean from toxic elements such as arsenic, mercury, and that kind of thing. If the water is from a municipality, they will have analytical data that can be accessed. If the water is from a spring or individual well, or from bottled water, I know of no way except to pay to have it tested. And that can run a bunch of money.

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    What if I used pH paper? If the pH read 7 would that necessarily mean that it is safe to drink?

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    ok thanks DrBob :)

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    The safest water to drink in the world more than likely will not read a pH of 7.0.

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    but it would be very close to 7 though. right?

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    Most drinking water is slightly acidic because it picks up CO2 from the air. Most of the drinking water I've tested ends up about pH of 5 or so. That's 100 times more acidic than if it tested pH of 7. But it isn't acid enough for most people to notice the difference.

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